Meet our Staff!

Chad Graham

Lead Pastor

Chad serves as the Lead Pastor of University Assembly. He desires to see a vibrant and active faith community in the heart of the Fillmore neighborhood. 


Shawn Reine

Community Pastor

Shawn serves as Community Pastor of University Assembly. Shawn builds relationships inside and outside of the church to help the Fillmore neighborhood flourish. 


Ericka Meyer

Administration Director

Ericka oversees the administrative duties required for healthy ministry at University Assembly. She is dedicated to helping each ministry operate at its maximum effectiveness. 


Ryan Ragozine

Thinker Sensitive Director

Ryan directs Thinker Sensitive, a ministry of University Assembly designed to answer tough questions about Christianity. Ryan is committed to helping people work through their doubts about God.


Todd Green

Fillmore Youth Director

Todd oversees Fillmore Youth, a ministry dedicated to serving teenagers who reside in the Fillmore neighborhood. Todd is passionate about helping students transition into mature believers in Christ.


Robby Leal

Interim Worship Director

Robby leads all musical worship at University Assembly. Robby loves to help people engage God through song and learn about God through theologically rich lyrics that point our hearts and minds to God.


Stephanie Graham

Women's Ministry Director

Stephanie is the director of  Women’s Ministry at University Assembly. Stephanie has a heart for helping women find a grounded faith and helping mothers thrive in the home and the workplace.


Hunter Meyer

Facilities Director

Hunter has been with us since day one, helping to renovate our building before we launched University Assembly. In addition to interning at UA, Hunter also oversees our facilities and organizes logistics for our ministry events. 

Email: info@uassembly

Clinton & Lindsey Byers

UA Young Adult Directors

Clinton & Lindsey lead the young adult ministry at University Assembly. The young adults meet weekly to share a meal and talk about life, discipleship, and community.


Steve & Diane Mayfield

Evergreen Club Directors

Steve & Diane direct our Evergreen Club that ministers to those who are aged 50 and older. The Evergreens meet once a month for a social event and gather for events to serve the Fillmore neighborhood.


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