"Micro Groups are the vehicle for discipleship at University Assembly. In small groups of two and three, we learn what Jesus taught and how to live it out."

What are "Micro Groups"?

Micro Groups are designed to facilitate an intentional approach to discipleship in the small neighborhood church setting. Our desire is to build disciple-makers who are qualified and competent to disciple the members of University Assembly. Micro Group participation, either as disciple-maker or disciple, will serve as the logical next step to membership at University Assembly.


Disciples who make disciples.

It's the responsibility of the Church to pass on a legacy of faith by training and equipping disciple-makers (Eph. 4:9-16) who are serving Christ and seeking the lost. We work hard to provide a strong team of disciple-makers or "Micro Leaders" who are equipped to lead, teach, and serve disciples who join membership at University Assembly. 


Step One

1. Attend a Next Step Class

We hold Next Step classes three times per year. Contact the church office to learn when Next Steps is offered this year.

Step Two

2. Sign up for Micro Groups

At the end of each Next Step class, we offer opportunities for membership and joining a Micro Group. Sign up for Micro Groups at the Next Steps class you attend.

Step Three

3. Meet with a Micro Leader

We work hard to pair you with the right disciple-maker. Meet with your Micro Leader to make sure we got the right fit for you. 

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